Tuesday, June 24, 2014

REVIEW: MAC Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Collection Lipsticks

Long time no write!!! I've completely missed making videos and writing for you guys but I'm back starting with this post about the new Mac Osbourne collection. I got a hold of the lipsticks! It was crazy!!!! I got them through their online release and they sold out super quick so if you were able to get a hold of em', whoop whoop!

So here are my babies...

Mac Kelly Lipsticks
Aren't they a beauty?! They did an amazing job on packaging which resembles Kelly beautiful lilac hair...  A+ on the packaging!
On to the shades they are beautiful colors! I was a little hesitant to get the lightest shade which is Strip Poker because I was thinking it may be too light on my NC30 - NC35 skin.... and it may be but I can make it work. It isn't too bad. Here are some lip swatches...
Strip Poker

Riot House

Dodgy Girl

Kelly Yum Yum
 They are oh sooo gorgeous! Riot House is a orangier peachier version of Strip Poker. These lighter two shades were the only ones that gave me a little trouble. The application on both of these are not so great specially Riot House. Still a beautiful color just a little patchy and uneven :(
The other two however are perfect! Kelly Yum Yum is so beautiful especially for summer; which is very similar to Candy Yum Yum hence the name. Kelly's version is just slightly darker than CYY....and btw best performing shade out of all. 
Dodgy girl!!! Oh Dodgy Girl! My must must have out of all of them! I love the color... I don't have anything quite exactly like it in my collection. So if you were able to get this one, whoop whoop! #TEAMPURPLE haha
What did you think about this collection, YAY or NAY? Where you able to get your hands on these babies?