Thursday, June 28, 2012

FOTD: SmokedTude & Teal Pop!

Smoked Out Neutrals w/ a Teal Pop!

Using the NudeTude Palette by TheBalm

I've been absolutely obssesed with this look that I just been wearing over and over and over again. I can't stop, I like it too much! I usually change my look everyday and try something new, but I've been stuck on this one so I thought I make a post about it.

I started off with my MAC Paintpot in NUBILE all over the lid. Then I started off with my favorite transition color by Wet & Wild from the Vanity palette. Which is basically a MAC's Cork eyeshadow dupe ;) I put that color ALL over my crease to create some depth and help blend the other colors later on.

left Transition color & right Lower lash line color
NUDEtude palette by TheBalm

I took my NudeTude Palette and the first color I took was Sultry and I concentrated that on the outer corners and slowly taking it up all the way almost to the brow.

After that I then I mixed Sexy and Sleek and did the same thing only I didn't go all the way up I just try and concentrate it in my crease.

Sexy & Sleek
Since we left the lid and inner corner open, I wanted to put a shimmery color so I put Stand-offish and on the inner corner I put that shimmer white called Sassy.

For the lower lash line I used this beautiful Teal by L.A. COLORS. As for highlight I used the MAC's Brulee dupe which is the first color to the left on the Wet & Wild Vanity palette.I winged my liner which came out wonky but that's ok.

I honestly can't remember what I used for the cheeks but I do know I contured. For lips I used my fav lip combo right now which is Maybelline's lipstick in Flawless Fuchsia and Milani's 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in 39 Fashion Diva. Voila!

Milani 39 Fashion Diva & Maybelline Flawless Fuchsia

Hope you like this fotd/tutorial! Happy Friday Eve! ;)



NOTD: Neon Rainbow Ombre Nail Design!

Taste the Rainbow!

I've been obsessing over ombre nails lately and one of my fav youtube girls I'm subscribe to did a nail tutorial with this design. Now I didn't especifically used the ones she did I just used with what I have and they look pretty darn similar.

All you need is a makeup sponge and a little bit of water... so simple! Here's a link to her video:

The last ombre I did was with a dry sponge and let me tell you difference that it is when used wet. I feel like it blends and applies better when used damp and it's such an easy process.

It think the only things that it could be slightly annoying its just the clean up. Cleaning up the cuticles after you are all done is a little bit of a pain.

As far as the color I used... I used OH EM GEE! by Julie G, Kicking the Habit by Spoiled, and Neon Melon by Sinful Colors! That's it! Oh and a pale skin tone color by Revlon Colorstay.... I think it was Bare Bones if I'm not mistaken.

Let me know how do you like my NOTD? and If you are planning to do this NOTD? :) Super easy!!! Really, really!



Saturday, June 16, 2012

NOTD: Holo Lilac Ombre Nail Design

Ok so I know this post is long overdue but here it is! This was my first time doing the ombre nail design so I was a little worried but I actually think I didn't do too bad for being my first time.

So since its spring/summer I'd thought I would pick this lilac color by Revlon called Charming . I wanted to be fun and glittery so I picked 2 other polishes a holographic lilac glitter by Funky Fingers called Sands & Stilettos as my second shade and the other one by Spoiled called Papa-Paparazzi with more bigger glitter and darker base to play off the ombre better as my third shade.

Charming, Sands & Stilettos, and Papa-Paparazzi

Charming, Sands & Stilettos, and Papa-Paparazzi

So how do you make this design?

Simply take a makeup sponge at the end draw with the nail polish brush a line across and simply dab it to the nail concentrating at the tip first then gradually working your way up that's it! That's all I did!

Have you guys ever tried the ombre effect as a nail design? Let me tell you I've just been obssesing over it!