Saturday, June 16, 2012

NOTD: Holo Lilac Ombre Nail Design

Ok so I know this post is long overdue but here it is! This was my first time doing the ombre nail design so I was a little worried but I actually think I didn't do too bad for being my first time.

So since its spring/summer I'd thought I would pick this lilac color by Revlon called Charming . I wanted to be fun and glittery so I picked 2 other polishes a holographic lilac glitter by Funky Fingers called Sands & Stilettos as my second shade and the other one by Spoiled called Papa-Paparazzi with more bigger glitter and darker base to play off the ombre better as my third shade.

Charming, Sands & Stilettos, and Papa-Paparazzi

Charming, Sands & Stilettos, and Papa-Paparazzi

So how do you make this design?

Simply take a makeup sponge at the end draw with the nail polish brush a line across and simply dab it to the nail concentrating at the tip first then gradually working your way up that's it! That's all I did!

Have you guys ever tried the ombre effect as a nail design? Let me tell you I've just been obssesing over it! 

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