Thursday, June 28, 2012

NOTD: Neon Rainbow Ombre Nail Design!

Taste the Rainbow!

I've been obsessing over ombre nails lately and one of my fav youtube girls I'm subscribe to did a nail tutorial with this design. Now I didn't especifically used the ones she did I just used with what I have and they look pretty darn similar.

All you need is a makeup sponge and a little bit of water... so simple! Here's a link to her video:

The last ombre I did was with a dry sponge and let me tell you difference that it is when used wet. I feel like it blends and applies better when used damp and it's such an easy process.

It think the only things that it could be slightly annoying its just the clean up. Cleaning up the cuticles after you are all done is a little bit of a pain.

As far as the color I used... I used OH EM GEE! by Julie G, Kicking the Habit by Spoiled, and Neon Melon by Sinful Colors! That's it! Oh and a pale skin tone color by Revlon Colorstay.... I think it was Bare Bones if I'm not mistaken.

Let me know how do you like my NOTD? and If you are planning to do this NOTD? :) Super easy!!! Really, really!



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