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MAC Hey, Sailor! Collection - My List!

If you've watched my videos before then you probably already now I have a "thing" with MAC *ahem hence the banner lol and more specifically their MAC Limited Edition Collections. MAC is releasing their Hey,Sailor! Summer Collection for 2012 on May 24th (U.S.)
This is one of a few I'm looking forward to. There is one other collection I'm ecstatic about but that's another blog post ;)

Here are some promo images from this collection . . .

Hey, Sailor!

Here are the eyeshadows:

- Crystal Avalanche $14.50 - white with reflects - Veluxe pearl - PERMANENT
- Barefoot $14.50 - tarnished gold - Veluxe pearl
- Jaunty $14.50 - light yellow beige - Frost
- Feeling Fresh$14.50 - bright green - Frost
- Nautical $14.50 - navy Blue - Satin

Crystal Avanlanche



Feeling Fresh


Here are the pigments:

- Old Gold $20.00 - High frosted tarnished gold - Frost - PERMANENT
- Naval Blue - Deep smoky blue $20.00 - Frost - PERMANENT AT PRO STORES

Old Gold  - Permanent

Naval Blue - Permanent at PRO stores

Here are the Powerpoint Eye Pencils:

- Blue Stripe $15.00 - Dark navy
- Emerald Sea $15.00 - Kelly Green
- Handforged $15.00 - Metallic Yellow Gold

Blue Stripe, Emerald Sea, Handforged

Here are the Nail Laqcuers:

- Gold Knot $16.00 - Brass gold - Frost
- Touch of Red $16.00 - Bright yellow red - Cream
- Verstral White $16.00 - Cream white - Cream - Repromote

Gold Knot - Touch of Red - Verstral White (Repromote)

Here are the Lipsticks:

- Salute! $14.50 - Neutral peach - Amplified
- To Catch a Sailor $14.50 - Highly frosted tan - Frost
- Red Racer $14.50 - Bright yellow red - Satin
- Sail La Vie $14.50 - Bright mid-tone orange - Satin

Red Racer, Sail La Vei, Salute!, To Catch a Sailor

Here are the Lipglasses:

- Cut Loose $14.50 - White gold with pearl

- Orange Tempera $14.50 - Pale peach - Repromote
- Blessedly $14.50 - Rich pale coral
- Riviera Life $14.50 - Bright tangerine
- Send Me Sailing $14.50 -  Bright yellow red

Blessedly, Cut Loose, Orange Tempera (Repromote), Riviera Life, Send Me Sailing

Here are the Suntints SPF 20:

- Sea Mist -  Peachy nude with multidimensional pearl
- Abalone - See through hot pink with no pearl
- Au Rose - Poppy coral pink with gold pearl

Sea Mist

Au Rose


Here are the Pro Longwear Lip Pencils:

- Saunter Pale $19.50 - Nude beige

- Throw Me a Line $19.50 - Bright true red
- Shore Leave $19.50 - Light vibrant coral
Saunter Pale, Shore Leave, Throw Me a Line

Here are the Bonzing Powders:

- Soft Sand - Golden bronze with fine gold pearl

- Refined Golden - Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish - PERMANENT

Refine Golden (Permanent)

Soft Sand

Here are the Pro Longwear Bronzing Powders:

- Nude on Board - Bronzy yellow tone
- Sun Dipped - Dirty red tone

Sun Dipped

Nude on Board

Here are the blushes:

- Launch Away! $20.00 - True peach - Satin
- Fleet Fast $20.00 - Pinky golden coral - Satin

Launch Away!

Fleet Fast

Here is the Highlighter:

- Crew - Soft Peachy cream with fine shimmer

They also have a brush:

- 167SH Face Blender

167SH Face Blender

Here is the two MAC To The Beach Body Oil:

- Seaside - dirty blush pink with multidimensional sparkle
-Man Rays - glowing tan with multidimensional golden shimmer

Seaside, Man Rays

aaand Here are there two Accessories:

- Gone Sailing Makeup Bag Set
- Gone Sailing Tote

Pheeew! Oh man was that a lot! Ok so when I first saw the pictures for this collection I wasn't really thrilled I think a lot had to do with the packaging itself. To me there too much going on and to be honest it makes me go all dizzy just looking at it. Then again that's just me, maybe you would totally be head over heels about the packaging.

The first thing that I saw and I knew right away it made it to "my list" is the eyeshadow in Barefoot! It looks absolutely gorgeous, and maybe just maybe it could be because have a "thing" for gold. I also wanted Jaunty but to be honest is nothing out of this world and I'm pretty sure I have something like that on my collection.

Another thing that just popped at me was the Shore Leave Pro Longwear Lip Pencil it's a beautiful color buuut the $19.50 price tag is making me cringe for a lip pencil.

I'm thinking about getting one of the Pro Longwear Bronzers but that all depends when I see swatches or when I got with my friend to the MAC Store the 24th and maybe try it on for myself and see how it works with my skintone.

I'm also going to be most likely getting will be Orange Tempera. It has come out before but I didn't get the chance to get it at the time. To be honest none of the lipsticks screamed out to me but we will see when the day of the launch comes.

I also thinking about getting one of the blushes in Launch Away! Another thing is that I was stoked when I saw the Crew High-light Powder but the I saw swatches of it online and was completly disppointed :(  

Last but not least the MAC to the Beach Body Oil!!! Aaaaah! Very excited about this! I may even get both! They are gorg! But def. Seaside! They are both beautiful though and perfect for the summer!

Soo so far it is:

- Barefoot Eyeshadow
- Maybe a Pro Longwear Bronzer?
- Orange Tempera Lipglass
- Launch Away!
- Seaside & Man Rays

I have to keep in mind though that a MUCH MUCH BETTER collection is just around the corner! Which I'm sooo STOKED about! We'll see when May 24th arrives and what I really will get ;)

Soooo..... What's on your list?

Do, share! :)

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