Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Wet & Wild Chrome Collection for 2012 - SWATCHES!

As I was browsing in Rite Aid I spotted these new nail polishes from Wet & Wild hidden from the rest of the cosmetics. They were very high up in a little W&W nail polish stand were the they put the body sprays. I went on my tippy toes and grabbed the whole stand and went "Ooooh". Boy was I excited!

They were a new collection called The Chrome Collection! They had a variety of colors such as blue, purple, gold, penny, red, etc... I ended up picking up the "silver one" Which is called Steel the Spotlight . . .

Steel the Spotlight

Steel the Spotlight

Isn't gorgeous? This was the most eye catching out of all in my opinion. Now these retail for $3.99 if I'm not mistaken. If you are used to paying $1.99 for W&W make sure you are ready to shed a bit more $$$ for these.

What I don't get is that these are actually smaller in size quantity compared to the regular nail polish which is .5 oz these are just a bit more than half of that . . .

Steel the Spotlight .29 fl oz.

As for the polish itself I was quite happy with except for one thing. They aren't really chrome.... they are more of foil or metallic like polish. So they are not exactly mirrored or chrome finish.

The consistency was thin but not too too thin just right, it applied nice and was opaque in two coats. Just a tiny tad bit streaky which is normal for these type of polishes.

This shade in particular will most likely be considered "the silver one" when compared to the rest but not exactly. This one has A LOT of gold "flecks" in it! Making it look a lot more gold than silver which in my case I really like.

Let me show you what I mean by the gold "flecks" because it isn't really glitter and if its in tiny micro glitters . . .

Steel the Spotlight - See the gold? :)

One other thing, I don't know if it was the polish itself but I did get a sort of grainy thingy macgiggers type of issue when applying it... could have been me or the polish, I really have no idea. If you end up getting them be sure to let me now if this minor issue happened to you as well . . .

Grainy Effect? or just Bubbles?
Either way I was pleased with this new polish from Wet & Wild even though is not chrome, .5oz, or $1.99 or $2.99 but still very pretty color. I topped off my index and ring finger off with Jordana's chunky gold glitter in Funky Gold Town . . .
Jordana's - Funky Gold Town

If you spot these at the drugstore let me know which ones will you get and How you like them?

I would love to hear your opinion on this new collection from Wet & Wild ;)


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  1. aaah cant wait to see these at my local rite aid